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20 years of getting individuals into Action.

Yes, action is everything … that’s why we call it the Real Estate ACTION group.

Nothing is more important. 

So, you are looking for personal growth and development. We salute you. You are not alone.

Every week in North America, thousands of people take personal development courses. These courses concentrate on creating better lives, changing personalities, learning to invest in the stock market and learning to invest in real estate.

People spend hard earned dollars, sit attentively, get excited and thoroughly understand the material presented. REAG founder Ozzie Jurock, after managing thousands of salespeople, management teams, franchise operators, and very productive people, found that understanding was simply not enough. No matter how much people told him they paid for this or that course, a few weeks later, they found the notes they took in the trunk of their car and they did not get into action.

This is why in 2002, Ozzie dedicated himself to create an environment where students could grow into their own future best selves through real estate investment ACTION. The key word here is action. In fact, Ozzie dedicated his life to moving people from just understanding into actually achieving worthwhile personal goals. In 2009, real estate investment star Ralph Case joined Ozzie as a partner.

Finally, and most importantly in 2017 Real Estate Ace Brent Roberts took over the group.


Who is Brent Roberts?

Brent Roberts is a multi-faceted mega-achiever. He purchased his first piece of real estate at the early age of 18. He has since bought and sold several 100 homes throughout his investment career for his own portfolio and over 500 units in Joint Ventures. His portfolio has included single family homes, duplexes, multi-family and strata complexes.

33 years ago, Brent achieved the elite status of “Rookie of The Year”. He went on to become one of the top Realtors in the Fraser Valley. Brent opened his own brokerage in 1994 with Royal LePage and has been in the Top 1% of all 20,000 Royal LePage agents nationally ever since. Always in the top of his area – last year he was ALSO the No.1 Realtor in 2022 on the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board. Brent is an achiever and a doer and the quintessential ACTION taker.

Real estate is his passion; whether it be purchasing a new investment property for himself, or helping others realize their real estate goals.

Brent’s standing in the industry and his personal dedication in many charity events attract many high-quality speakers and inventive partners.

Brent’s personal vision and goal:

To not only inspire and help others daily but to actively assist as many other people to become millionaires in his life as he possibly can.

What is the Real Estate Action Group?

The Real Estate Action Group Monthly is an exclusive monthly group – open to all those who want to create a better life for themselves through Real Estate investing. The focus is “getting into Clarity and Action“.

Leaders don’t just talk; they lead by example. Members get a chance to learn from their vast experience. They also get a chance to network and gain inspiration from hundreds of other successful investors within the group.

At a member research event in 2017 it was found that 89% of the members with REAG for more than 3 years had turned into millionaires.

Members are always in ACTION.

REAG members also pride themselves on their ‘eclectic’ nature. We live life LARGE and we know that success in business must also be commensurate with success in living a large exciting and invigorating personal life too.

Members have won the ‘40 under 40’ Women of the year award in Vancouver. Further, the Business Women of the Year in Canada Award, Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Vancouver Sales and Marketing awards, North Vancouver Man of the Year award as well the Vancouver “40 under 40 Man of the Year Award. We even had a member win a real Oscar. We focus on and create success-oriented winners. The group in the last 20 years has created literally hundreds of successful joint ventures and partnerships and bought well in excess of 30,000 properties. One member alone created 20,000 units in 8 years.

Joining these winning members, Ozzie Jurock and Ralph Case also still present at some Real Estate Action Group meetings.

Together these leaders in the industry focus their strong belief in investment in real estate, getting into action through leading by example.

What makes these leaders different? They do what they preach. Not JUST talk: They get into ACTION.

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