Members are always in ACTION.

We live life LARGE

REAG members also pride themselves on their ‘eclectic’ nature. We live life LARGE and we know that success in business must also be commensurate with success in living a large exciting and invigorating personal life too.

Members have won the ‘40 under 40’ Women of the year award in Vancouver. Further, the Business Women of the Year in Canada Award, Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Vancouver Sales and Marketing awards, North Vancouver Man of the Year award as well the Vancouver “40 under 40 Man of the Year Award. We even had a member win a real Oscar. We focus on and create success-oriented winners. The group in the last 20 years has created literally hundreds of successful joint ventures and partnerships and bought well in excess of 30,000 properties. One member alone created 20,000 units in 8 years.

Joining these winning members, Ozzie Jurock and Ralph Case also still present at some Real Estate Action Group meetings.

Together these leaders in the industry focus their strong belief in investment in real estate, getting into action through leading by example.

What makes these leaders different? They do what they preach. Not JUST talk: They get into ACTION.

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